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About Leads Safe Housing

We are a company that has one of the best approaches in the field of safe housing. We have 50 years of experience on our belt and we have helped millions of clients all throughout the United States. We have major branches in Los Angeles, Michigan, Milwaukee, Boston, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Kentucky. Is your city not listed? Don’t fret, as we have thousands of on-call agents that will assist you on safe housing.  One of the unique approaches that we offer to our clients is that we have a lifetime assistance package if you avail our services.

 Our Companies Services

The services that we offer are paint tests, removal, water test, inspection, and many others. Any safe housing-related services that you may need, we will be able to provide. We offer it like a centrum pill, we have services ranging from A-Z, and we do not compromise quantity over quality as our specialist and highly trained in the field of safe housing and are considered to be notable personas for the said field.

Why should you avail our services?

One of the key services that we offer are, not only are we the best in the field of safe housing, we can assure you that we also have the most competitive and affordable payment methods globally. We are known to be flexible and easy to talk to, so don’t hesitate to be more communicative in your approach for us. You may call our hotline 045-48513-1111-034, or you can email us at