Can ‘Safe Houses’ Keep a Check on Drug Overdoses?

Occurrences of drug abuse and overdose continue to make headlines in the United States. Hardly a day passes when somebody is not being rushed to the emergency situation services of a health center for an accidental or an intentional overdose. Inning accordance with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the death rate from all drugs including opioids was 46,471 in 2013 whereas, the variety of deaths triggered due to guns including suicides and murders was 33,636. The number of drug-related deaths went beyond all type of weapon deaths by almost 13,000.

Under such scenarios, lots of California-based drug groups are pushing for “safe houses.” Safe houses are places where drug users can avail sterile supplies and their favorite drug under medical guidance. Advocates believe that under such circumstances, the possibilities of overdosing can be considerably diminished. Also, in case an emergency situation occurs, relief can be provided rapidly. The one-of-its-kind expense legislating injecting websites has been passed in the Assembly, making California one of the few states to have done so. It has been authorized by the Senate Health Committee as well.

Drug groups contend that legislating safe houses would show to be a lifesaver for most drug users. Most users resort to drugs as a coping mechanism or to get high. They are unaware of the best amount and typically wind up overdosing without realizing the fatal outcomes. Whether on streets or in parties, many-a-times, assistance can come too late. As the prohibited market is growing so is the epidemic of illicit substance abuse. In such a situation, safe houses may provide better access to treatment, therapy, prevention and prompt intervention.

One such safe house exists in Vancouver, Canada. This site claims to have prevented 6,440 overdosing events in 13 years. It also claims to have admitted to treatment to 4500 individuals. Assemblywoman Susan Eggman, D-Stockton, intends to reproduce the Vancouver Safe House in America. Apart from seeking to establish legal, safe houses in 8 counties from San Francisco to Los Angeles, the costs likewise aim to limit the transmission of transmittable diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis among drug users due to their risky practices including needle sharing and unguarded intermediaries.

Challengers consider rehab as the ‘most safe’ option

Critics on the other side of the fence disapprove any such relocation pointing out that it would permit the uninhibited use of drugs based on one’s convenience. One such critic is the Sacramento Pastor, Ronnie Allen. According to him, opening safe houses would increase the possibilities of establishing a deep-rooted and persistent addiction. More elucidating on the risks of safe houses, Pastor Allen states, “If anyone offered me at that time a complimentary place to smoke fracture, it would have been a wonderful time for me. But I would never have… recovered.” Rehabilitation for him and his supporters seem to be the very best choice to help a personal¬†injury leads marketing¬†to walk the path of sobriety again.

It is advantageous to devote the habitual drug user to a rehab center, where not only he/she can be steadily weaned off from drugs but can likewise get constant counseling to handle feelings, thinking and habits.

Drug dependency is practically a compulsive habits. While the first experience with drugs is voluntary, the majority of people begin taking drugs with regularity once the alterations in the brain chemistry are deepened turning it into a necessity. Continuing with the routine for long is physically in addition to psychologically destructive. It accelerates the process of aging, triggers physical illnesses and increases the opportunities for early mortality.

Road to sobriety

Drug overdose is an important circumstance requiring instant resuscitation and professional support. It is essential to search for essential indications such as temperature, pulse rate, respiratory rate, high blood pressure, student constriction or dilation if someone suspects an individual to have overdosed. Prompt intervention can help save a valuable life. It’s always best to have the best injury lawyer in your arsenal just for situations when push comes to shove.

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